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6 Ideas to Warm Up This February

6 Ideas to Warm Up This February

To put it nicely, February is the longest coldest month of the entire year. 28 whole days of crappy weather outside.

The weather and lack of sunlight and lack of fun holidays makes me feel like the gray sludge on the side of the road that just. won’t. melt.

This February I want to actively try my best to find joyful things to do to help this incredibly long short month fly by. Here are 6 ideas that I have for feeling warmer in February, inside and out.

  1. Heated Yoga. I regularly practice yoga in a heated, brightly lit room, and the warmth and humidity is an absolute must for me during this time of the year. If you have never tried hot yoga before, I understand how you may have apprehension. Trust me, the heat is something that you will adjust to, and it feels so dang good during this time of the year. I basically walk around with my shoulders attached to my ears because my body is so tightly wound, but yoga helps release some of this tension and mentally relax as well.

  2. Learn to knit or crochet. Learning a new skill helps me to feel productive and accomplished, and yarn arts are perfect for this time of year. You can cozy up with netflix and literally crochet yourself into a blanket cocoon. Or you could keep it simple and make a cute new scarf to wear when you have to bear the cold outside. I also find the repetitive hand motion very calming and meditative, so if you need to slow down your brain, I would highly recommend learning. I taught myself using videos on youtube where you just follow along with a super slow up video.

  3. Go mall walking. If you are anything like me, one of the worst parts of winter is feeling cooped up inside the house with nowhere to go. Sometimes I drive to the mall and play a podcast through my headphones and do laps with my silver haired friends. This could also be a fun (and free) friend date, if you don’t go into any stores.

  4. COFFEE. Coffee dates, coffee shop work, making coffee at home. Seriously I don't know what it is about coffee, but a good old cup of jow always makes me feel warmer and friendlier. I bought a coffee passport on and I am so excited to travel around and try different drinks at different “indie” coffee shops in my city.

  5. Buy yourself a space heater. I bought one from the Home Depot for like 20 dollars and it works wonders. I can snuggle up in front of it and write, or read, or do any other activity that is much better when you can relax a bit and stop shivering for a sec.

  6. Volunteer. I helped out a few days in a soup kitchen during one of the coldest weeks so far this winter. Witnessing the hardships of others is always so humbling and truly heart-warming. There’s nothing like feeling important and impactful.

Hopefully these ideas spark some warmth in your otherwise blistery cold month. And don't forget that every day is another day with more light and closer to spring!




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