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Why I'm Glad That Someone Totaled My Car

Why I'm Glad That Someone Totaled My Car

In December, I was talking to my parents one night about the possibility of getting a different car. I was driving my moms old Subaru Forester and it was a good car but it was really bulky and not good for squeezing into city parking spots like I needed it to. I spent one night searching used cars in my area, dreaming about a little red hatchback car. Something smaller and cuter than what I had.

The very next day, I was parked on the outskirts of the mall parking lot perpendicular to the median. Basically my car was in one of those spots where it’s really hecking far away and you only park there because its a Sunday before Christmas and everyone and their mothers are at the mall.

I actually had to come into work that day because one of my coworkers got into a car accident on her way in and needed coverage.

After my shift that day, I walked out into the (freezing cold) parking lot, getting ready to drive home and grab some dinner. The mall was closed and most cars were gone. I didn’t really remember exactly where I parked so I started walking in the general direction of my car, but it was dark and far away so I couldn’t see. As I got closer I saw a few cars facing the wrong direction in the parking lot with their headlights on. “Hmmm I wonder if someone’s battery died- that sucks” I thought.

As I got closer, I began to realize that there were only a few cars left where I thought I parked and as my gaze scanned the area I realized oh shit. That's my car. There. Smashed. Literally in pieces. Transmission fluid on the ground. Another car intertwined in the mess of metal and glass. Security guards were out talking to the other driver. Apparently the driver had been majorly speeding on the road that circled the parking lot, because he lost control “accidentally” hit the gas, and ran over the median (curb, mulch, trees and all), hit a sign, and proceeded to land somewhat on top of my car pushing it across part of the parking lot. He was lucky that there weren't more cars parked there.


I walked up to the scene and said “yeppppppp thats mine” in a sarcastic yet surprisingly calm voice.

My first thought was “I manifested this.”

My second thought was “I get to get a new car!!”

My third thought was “How the hell am I gonna get home.”


I called my parents and told them that my car was hit in the parking lot and that I am gonna need a ride home. My dad was like “oh okay your mom will come and she’s gonna drive the car home” thinking that I just had some kind of dent in my car.

“No dad. It’s Totaled. Transmission fluid everywhere. I can practically see the guts of the car spilling out.”

Still skeptical, he asked for a picture, and after I sent it, he was on the same page as me. My mom came and picked me up, but we don’t live close, so I had to wait a while. After standing in the cold for an hour sorting out insurance crap, the first thing I said to my mom when she pulled up was “Let’s go to panera. I need soup.” Again. Priorities.

As I dipped my baguette into my yummy warm soup, my mom and I talked out the situation. I was kind of in shock.

I mean the whole thing just sucks. I was just innocently parked in the parking lot and my car was totally smashed to bits. I thought I was gonna have it for a lot longer. My family needs 3 cars to function. So it posed a great issue in terms of money, insurance crap, and having to share 2 cars between 3 adult schedules.

Over the next week, I tried my best to be patient and cooperate with the car sharing situation. But being the independant gal that I am, this was not easy. I learned how to shop smart for cars. I learned to appreciate things and not to try to wish them away. I never realized how much I liked Suzi (my Subaru) until she was gone.

This stinky situation actually had the best possible outcome imaginable. Not only did we receive a check for the “value” of the car from insurance, we also got compensated for the parts of the car that were salvageable, totalling way more than we would have gotten in a trade in kind of deal. We found a used hatchback to buy, and parking has been a dream ever since.

Thanks, dude who smashed my car.

I think about karma a lot these days. When I came out into the “crime scene” that night, I didn’t yell, or make snarky comments, or pitch a fit. I had so much empathy for the sad looking man standing there. His car was totaled too. He was in his late 30’s. And he was working at the mall. During HOLIDAY. Yelling would have solved none of that and would have made both of us feel worse.

I feel like because I didn’t react harshly to that man, the situation treated me with compassion as well. In the end, I actually got MORE than what I wanted in the first place, but I had to go through a crappy situation to get there.

Not everyone is so lucky when bad things happen to them, but what I can say is 1. Be careful what you Google because the universe knows everything. 2. Be nice to people. Even if they totaled your car. Because they sure as heck aren’t having a good day either.

All in all, something bad generally leads to something better later. And sometimes it takes a smashed car to remind you of that.

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